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I am 29years old and live in a small Town called Swakopmund, Namibia. I am an Accountant by day, Fire Dancer at night and full time Mom. I am a yoga fanatic and have martial Art back ground. I paint in my free time and love the outdoors. I started pole dancing in October 2016 and have loved the sport ever since. In 2017 I did my beginners Instructor course for Pole and passed with flying colours. This is where my passion for movement was born. In 2018 I attend a 200hour Yoga Teachers Training to further my studies in the physical movement of mobility as well as posture analysis and recovery of injuries thereof. The beginning of 2019 I tried out my first Crossfit class, here again I was mesmerized with the total and fully functional exercises done with complete and utter limits pushed. I quickly realised how important mobility and flexibility is for proper technic to be attained.  I will be providing mobility and yoga flows in the programming to ease lactic acid after training as well as preventing of injuries by keeping mobility.

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