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cfswakop1 Sunday Crossfit Confession featuring @rohan_clarinda_louw Hi, I’m Clarinda Louw. Where do I start... I’m a mother of two kids. 5 and 3 years. Im 29 years old. The las time I did any form of exercise was just before I had my first born. My husband enjoyed mountain biking. I thought I would too... I only attended cycling competitions, never trained for them due to work and no time to train. So you can imagine that I nearly died after each competition. I soon gave up on cycling. We moved to Swakop in 2016 and I started gaining weight ,but the word EXERCISE freaked me out!! Cardio has never been my friend and besides that I never had any motivation to do any form of exercise. Beginning of 2020 my husband and I talked about crossfit. I again had excuses because who would look after the kids. Anyway, I contacted Jancke on Facebook and started with Crossfit in June 2020. I was instantly addicted and I wished away the hours in the day so that I can go to the box! The fact that my kids are able to come with to the box and play in the play area obviously cancelled out my excuses regarding the kids. We all know how painful and uncomfortable you are when you start but Jancke kept on telling me to come!! I remember my first day we had to run 400m a thousand times (thats what it felt like)!! If it weren’t for all the other crossfitters who motivated me and Jancke who motivated me then I would’ve never gone back!!! I weighed 82kg when I started and I have lost 10kg in only 5 months. I used to wear a size 36 pants and with all the cm’s I have lost, I now wear size 32 again!!!! I will never do any other type of sport again just because of the fact that crossfitters become a family and the encouragement and support towards each other is what motivates me!! I know I will reach my weight goal of 68kg this year!! #setyourgoals #onerepatatime #addictedtocrossfit #crossfitswakopmund #crossfitnamibia #crossfitathlete #challengeyourself #crossfitgirls #gotchalk #loveyourself #strongisthenewskinny #strongwomen #SUNDAYCROSSFITCONFESSION

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